A Visitors Guide To San Fransisco Museums

Below, you will find the top three museums that you should go to while in San Francisco.

1. Asian Art Museum – It is located at Civic Center Plaza, and this museum mainly focuses on Asian arts. If you are a big fan of Asian culture and heritage, this is the best place where you should go since there are more than 16,000 artworks from various Asian countries in this museum. Furthermore, there are special classes and events offered in the San Francisco Asian Art Museum such as tea ceremonies, MATCHA, and many others. It is recommended that you go there during the first Sunday of the month because entrance is for free.

2. Cartoon Art Museum – This museum is located at SoMa or South of Market. If you are interested to know more about the various types of cartoon arts, the Cartoon Art Museum is where you should go while you are in San Francisco. It is certain that you and your kids will enjoy this museum because they have a permanent collection of various cartoon arts. In addition, they offer special events and rotating presentation of different forms of cartoon arts. During the first Tuesday of the month, you can go to the museum for free.

3. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – There are a lot of locals and tourists alike who enjoy going to this museum because the museum building itself is a masterpiece. The museum was designed by Mario Botta, a Swiss architect. In this museum, you can find new and unconventional works of various art forms such as photography, media arts, design, and painting just to name a few. Furthermore, there is a cafe and gift shop in the museum. If you go there during Tuesdays, you can get in for free.